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Season Of Layering | OOTD

hope you had a great weekend. Me and botfriend and some friends went to bowling. It was lot of fun even though it wasn’t my A game.

An active weekend calls for comfy outfit. Since weather is not so warm anymore I like to choose some chunky knits that will keep me warm.  Layering clothes in winter is the best fashion trend possible.

autumn layering personal style street style fashion blogger

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Platfrom Boots from eBay | New In

platform boots

I never imagened that high heeled boots could become my faves.  It was too hard to resist buying these platform when I saw them eBay. 

Es nekad nebūtu domājusi, ka zābaki ar augstu papēdi un platformu kļūs par vieniem  no maniem favorītiem. Bija pārāk grūti atturēties nenopērkot šos zābakus. 

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Ebay bargains #10

autumn ready fashion

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Don’t let colder months scare you! Autumn ready fashion – fluffy parka, knitted sweater paired with platform boots and geode ring. 

Neļauj aukstajiem gada mēnešiem Tevi iebiedēt! Esi gatava rudenim ar siltu parku, adītu džemperi, ko sakombinē ar platformas zābakiem un gredzenu ar akmeni. 

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