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All That Glitter | Blogmas #9

topic for my 9th blogmas post is everything shiny. I really love everything with glitters and shimmer. I can’t resist to look at them and even harder is not to buy. It is my ultimate weakness.

Christmas and New Year is time when you can afford to wear that sequin dress, those shimmery smokey eye shadows or glitter shoes. Hopefully not all together at the same time. You don’t want to become Christmas tree or disco ball. One glittery piece or accessory is enough to look chic and elegant.

So have picked my favorite glittery pieces. Hope you will enjoy this post. Continue reading

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Party Glitter Heels from eBay | New In & Review

party glitter shoes

Recently I got very adventerous and ordered party glitter shoes from eBay. I blame it on Holiday season with all it sparkling wine, bright lights and fun mood. I have never owned such a statement shoes and I feel like it will be fun and challenging to style them! 

Pavisam nesen, svēktu iespaidā, pasūtīju augstpapēžu kurpes ar gliteriem un mirdzumiņiem no eBay. Es vainoju dzirkstošo vīnu, mirgojošās gaismiņas un jautro noskaņu, kas deva man iedvesmu un drosmi, iegādāties šos apavus. Nekad iepriekš man nav piederējuši tik uzkrītoši apavi, tāpēc jūtu, ka būs interesanti un aizraujoši iekļaut tos kādā no saviem tērpiem. 

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