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Developing your own sense of fashion is an endeavor that takes time and commitment and it’s not always easy determining which way to go when working on your own style. We all strive to be unique, but with so many people trying to do the same it’s becoming more and more difficult. Staying in touch with latest fashion trends is in the foundation of creating your style, because to overcome something you need to know it well first.

Maybe you’ve just started testing the fashion waters and aren’t really sure which way to go, but there are a few simple steps that can help you in keeping up with the ever-changing fashion universe. We will discuss what you can do to always be on top of latest fashion buzz and how to use it to your benefit.

Find Your Bloggers

how to sty in touch with latest fashion trends

Fashion bloggers are huge right now and it doesn’t surprise seeing that we’re always hungry for some more insight into fashion circles. Hundreds of fashion-istas have turned their love of style into their source of income, so you can be sure you’ll have a thing or two to learn from these inspired souls.

Sometimes it’s hard to balance between what’s hot and what’s really not, and bloggers became the perfect bridge to close the gap between everyday life and high-end fashion talk. The great thing is that these fashion influencers are huge on social media as well, so you can follow them closely and learn what they’re up to as well as listen to their latest insights. The trick is to follow someone whose style looks interesting and appealing to you and not just follow twenty bloggers at the same time and not really pay attention to either of them. Follow a couple of them for starters, because if you’re going to listen to someone, at least make sure that the person is worth listening to and that you’re learning from her/him. Once you’ve learned about more how they’re going about fashion world and all it has to offer, you can begin to think about your own approach to fashion.

Attend Fashion Events

attend fashion events

Miami Fashion Photographer James Santiago

This is probably one of the most important things to have in mind when you’re doing your best to follow fashion trends. If you live in a big city, then chances are that there is a fashion event every couple of weeks and not every event has to be as posh and exclusive as Fashion Week.

Young and aspiring designers are always doing their best to introduce their work to the public and you can learn so much from them. Seeing new creations and learning more about people behind them will inspire you to think about what fashion future brings and how you can fit into the picture. One other perk of attending fashion events are contacts that you can make while mingling, not to mention that you get a close-up of what people on those events are wearing and how it coincides with your fashion style. You’ll be surprised and elated to learn that more often than not, when it comes to fashion, you should follow your instincts while honoring some basic rules and you’ll do wonders, both with your own wardrobe and who knows, maybe in time you’ll get a chance to host your own fashion event.

Take Note of Good Fashion Websites

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Seeing that we’ve got everything on our fingertips when we have internet access, we shouldn’t stop at bloggers. There are some great websites that deal with latest fashion news and have at your disposal videos from fashion shows, interviews with big names and a whole section with different tutorials and self-care advice.

There a lot to learn from these websites, just know that sometimes clothes selection and other relevant information you can find there are sometimes country specific, which means you won’t necessarily be looking at the same things if you’re browsing from France and from Russia. Not everybody likes the same type of clothing and accessories, which is why websites for different countries can vary significantly. If you’re keen to find out what your favorite website has to show for some other country, there are means to bypass geo-blocking and take a closer look at how fashion advice in your country differs from trends in fashion-forward countries.

Mind Your Shopping


We all have certain shopping habits that are not necessarily good for us, especially if we’re developing our new style. Buying more and more clothes all the time isn’t always the way to go, and quality should always trump quantity. Have some basic pieces you can revolve rest of your wardrobe around, it is the safest way to match colors as well as different styles seamlessly and with much less effort.

It’s best to go window shopping more often, pick your clothes with more care and with a clear vision what you can pair it with what. This attitude will not only save you money, but will also save you from closet clutter that can easily become overwhelming. We all know too well that “I have nothing to wear” syndrome that doesn’t come from the fact that she doesn’t have enough clothes, but from reality that there is just too many things in her closet she simply doesn’t want to wear anymore. To avoid this situation, don’t go buying on bulks, even when you feel like you should, because some of the things you’ll buy you will wear only a couple of times and forget about them. It’s better to have some classic pieces that you can style up with some accessories then to have a full wardrobe of things that you don’t actually wear.

Following latest fashion trends should serve as a guideline, not as a path you should blindly follow. It’s true, you can learn a lot from fashion gurus of the world, but your style independence is what makes the game more interesting. Always look for the ways to add your touch on everything you’re wearing, that way you won’t only be fashionable, but you’ll rock your own style with pride. – By Adam Ferraresi


Adam Ferraresi

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As you can see this was a guest post by Adam. Very big thanks to him for this amazing article about how successfully follow latest fashion trends. Now question to you – how do you follow fashion trends? Or you don’t follow latest fashion trends at all?

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