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I am huge sucker for pretty planners. Or stationery items. Or everything in general. Ehh. What can I say I like cute and neat things surround me.

Few weeks back I posted ebay bargains post with the best planners and stationery items in my opinion. In that posts I already told you that I ordered one planner. It arrived a while back and so today I bring my review of it!

ardium montly planner

From all the various options ebay has to offer I picked tropical print monthly planner by Ardium. And Ardium offers some really beautiful looking covers (cherry blossom and fox print being my other favorites).
Planner is little bit smaller than regular A5 size. It is very light and compact. I really like that it has plastic cover so it won’t wear out so soon. It costed 13$ and arrived pretty fast (around 4 weeks).


monthly planner

Actual monthly planner is neat and basic without  anything too striking. It has a lot of free space for each day. If you are into decorating, it is possible to express yourself as much as you want to.
I am using this planner to organise my blog post schedule and other blog related things. I am trying to keep it as simple as possible because I for some reason think that it will make feel and be better organised 😀
As I mentioned it is nice to use it as blog planner but I think it would be just as nice as fitness diary.


ardium planner inside

Since Ardium is a Korean brand there are some things written in Korean. Nothing much to worry about (some dates in an overall year planner). Font is little and doesn’t disturb at all. And 2016 year plan is a nice bonus too.
Other half of planner is for free notes. So it perfect for the purpose I am using it because I can write all my ideas and brief drafts in one place. My only complain with the free notes is that grid is very small. I am used to bigger ones.

Do you use any kind of planner on daily basis? What is favorite planner brand? You can check out my other Ebay posts HERE!

xo, A

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