Ebay Bargains #24

here in Latvia we already have our first snow ❄ (who nows how long it will stay). And it is hard to choose what kind of clothes or shoes to wear when I go outside. Should I get my winter boots, sneaker or rain boots?

So for todays ebay bargain post I have picked some classic looking items but with a little twist.

ebay bargains


Grey Coat // Leather Cap // Phone Lens Set // Thermal Mug // Floral Sneakers // Constellations Necklace // Sweaterdress

For a while now I was thinking about buying phone lens for my pfone. Macro, wide and fish eye lens – what opportunities for amazing photos! But I was never sure about the quality of these type phone lenses so didn’t purchase them. Recently lovely Fashion Atka put a review about similar phone lenses (you can read her post HERE) and now I am definitely going to buy this set to try out. For less than 5$ their quality should be pretty decent.

When I first saw these super cute floral sneakers it was love at first sight. I haven’t seen this kind of sneakers anywhere (or I wasn’t looking hard enough). They can brighten up all black or grey outfit and even look cute with summer dress. Seller gives pretty good selection of sizes! Floral sneakers are bargain of weak! They cost less than 15$ and shipping isn’t too overpriced (around 15$).

Dark November evenings make me want to gaze at night skies. Unfortunaly in the city I can see only moon, for star gazing I should go to country side. So when I came across constellation necklaces I knew I need one. My zodiac sign is gemini so it was obvious that I would pick it. My way to see some stars in city.

Did You enjoyed my Ebay bargains? Wich one is Your favorite? You can check out my other Ebay posts HERE!

xo, A



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