Shades of Grey | eBay Bargains #23

Oh, eBay Bargains one day later than usual. Once in a while that is forgivable, right? Let’s just hope so. Anyway, todays eBay bargains has something in common. Grey is nice basic colour to make other pop and it looks good when are you wear all monochrome grey outfit. 

Skat, eBay atradumi ieradušies ceturtdienā trešdienas vietā. Nu cerams, jūs man varat piedot. Šodien visiem atradumiem ir kaut kas kopīgs. Pelēkā krāsa ir laba pamatkrāsa un neitrāla krāsa, kas bieži tiek piemirsta. Tā ļauj izcelties citām krāsām un tērps dažādos pelēkos toņos izskatās tik pat labi kā jebkurā citā. 

monochrome grey

Flannel Shrit // Batman Pendant // Wreck This Journal // Sport Tracker Watch // Grey Sneakers


Monochrome Grey 

These last few days everything has been more than 50 shades of gray. Even daylight is grey. Constant rain and fog give an eerie and whimsical feeling. And I want blend in with it from time to time.

I love plaid/flannel shirts! I really needed something to remind me that. I ussally pick them in more colourful shade but this time I wanted to go for something monochrome. Grey flannel shirt would look so great with denim and grey sneakers. Casual and comfortable combo.

I like wathces, they are one of my favorite accessories. Smart watches are on the trend right now. Apple and Samsung offer beautiful and multifunctional ones. I guess I have to write letter to Santa Clauss if I want to get one. But I found some smart watches on ebay! They come in some many cute colours and this one is more sports oriented. It includes pedometro, calorie un sleep monitor. Less than 20& and free shipping! That’s one bargain hard to resist!

A little something to do in autumn evenings – Wreck This Journal. It seems like lot of fun and creative activity to do at home.


Did You enjoyed my eBay bargains? Wich one is Your favorite? You can check out my other eBay posts HERE!

xo, A

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