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These days I am thinking more and more about changing my outfit choices to be more winter friendly. Weather is getting colder cold really fast! This week it is going to be already -8°C. Brrr. That’s cold. I need to take my old winter coat out from the depth of my closet. Look for some scarves, gloves, hats and winter boots.

Also am on the hunt for new winter coat. I am bored of the one I have right now. So I have found real cuties what are also warm! I couldn’t resist to pair these winter coats with some top design winter boots. winter fashion, wishlist, winter coats, winter boots, fashion

Grey Belted Coat // Notch Collar Faux Fur Coat // Striped Faux Fur Coat // Beige Trench Coat // Plaid Wool Coat 
Over-the-Knee Stretch Boots // Timberland Boots // Snake Print Ankle Boots // Over-the-Knee Dress Boots // Leopard Print Ankle Boots //  Michael Kors Rain Boots // Dr. Martens Boots

Oh, how I wish I had the money to buy it all!  I absolutely adore faux fur and colourful coat  trend for winter fashion. It can be so much fun to wear them! It is great to express oneself with extraordinary coat but in every women wardrobe should be an excellent quality classic winter coat. You can always have fun with accessories while wearing a classic coat 😉 Colourful winter boots being just one example.

Do you have your winter coat ready or you will be buying new for this season? How do you like to style coat?

xo, A



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