Ebay bargains #17

It has been very busy week. Well, last few weeks at least. But today I have something very special post. Some new and spring appropriate ebay bargains!


Floral pants // Kimono // Floral pencil case // Blueberry print socks // Statement ring // Cut out boots

Somehow all of the items more or less has the same colour scheme. Lighter and darker shades of blue has become my top colour for the spring. And absolutely lacking in my wardrobe.

Kimono and light pants (with cool print like floral or paisley) are good choise for spring and definitely in. And shipping is for free or under 3$ making them real bargains!
You probably have noticed my love for cute socks (with or with out print). I already have socks with macaroon print on the and they are the cutest(!) and now I am wishing for the blueberry ones. And print is made really well so I can be sure blueberry socks will have the same qualities.

It is nice to have a little pencil case in bag so all my pens are in place and I don’t have to dig through all the content in my bag. Floral pattern and laces make it so cute!

Did You enjoyed my Ebay bargains? Wich one is Your favorite? You can check out my other Ebay posts HERE!

xo, A



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