Meeting normcore (wishlist)

Hi! It is officially spring! It was snow all day here (Riga, Latvia). Good start spring, good. I relly thought that winter is over. And it seems that this winter was the last for hipsters. At least in the streets. Beanies and Nike Airmax are slowly beeing replaced with snapbacks (well that whatmy translater said) and Adidas Originals.

Frends Layla Headphones // Statement Necklace // New York Yankees Hat // Jeans // Platform Shoes // Jersey T Shirt

Reduced to minum, unisex, pure lazy are just some of the epithet used describing normcore. I like sporty and comfy feeling that come when you look at the people and photos with this style. Simple lines and flats over heels. And it is not just black and white combos but bright and colourfull too! But do not exaggerate with patterns and putting lot colours together.

I don’t know absolutely nothing about baseball. It just seem very strange and weird sport game from US wich I am only used to see in movies. But the New York Yankees simbol seems to be pretty popular and used in fashion. Maybe there are lots of this team fans?! I like the sporty and comfy feeling that comes when you look at the people and photos with this style using a baseball cap. And I just really like this hat. It is simple and casual. I just can’t wait for more sunnier days to try outfit wiht this kind of hat!

What are thoughts about normcore? Will you try it?

xo, A



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