Spring Pastels | eBay Bargains #16

Today I have prepared for spring inspired eBay bargains. Spring like weather is finally arrived to Latvia too. Days are getting warmer, sunnier and longer. It is possible to hear first bird songs and green colour is starting to appear. So yeah, I am pretty much inspired by spring.

Šoreiz esmu sagatavojusi pavasara iedvesmotus eBay atradumus. Jāsaka, ka iedvesma nāca arī no pavasarim līdzīgiem laika apstākļiem, kas parādās arī Latvijā. Garākas, siltākas un saulainākas dienas. Pirmie zaļumi un pirmās pavasarim raksturīgās skaņas. 


spring pastels

Blue spring coat // Missha blush // Floral maxi skirt // Black handbag // Nike sneakers 


Spring Pastels | Pavasara Pasteļkrāsas


Pastels & floral that are something what I think when I hear spring trends. Colourful coat will definitely fresh up anyones spring wardrobe. Pastel and floral together is unstoppable combo this spring! Maxi skirt gives you a cover in not so warm days. Also make up is getting more and more beautiful. Just look how cute is Missha blush with roses! Gorgeous!

Now something that I ordered from this week’s bargain list. Classic looking handbag. That is something that my wardrobe missed far too long. And now I can’t wait when it will arrive.

White Nike sneakers look so classic for spring. Or any season of the year.

Did You enjoyed my eBay bargains? Wich one is Your favorite? You can check out my other eBay posts HERE!

xo, A

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