Valentine’s Day | Ebay bargains #14

I don’t know what happend to me but today I picked almost everything Valentines day related. That is so odd from because I am not the biggest fan of these holidays. But this year I am kind of excited for all the lovers and love day. But maybe it is because spring came this year early.

Es pat īsti nezinu, kas tieši notika, bet šoreiz esmu izvēlējusies visu eBay atradumus ar Valentīndienas tematiku – sirdis un siržu apdrukas. Jāsaka, ka izskatās piemīlīgi un var izveidot klasiku un birojam draudzīgu izskatu izskatu. 

valetines day ebay bargains

Heart print scarf  Heart print blouse  Heartbeat necklace 
Lip print sweater  Front zip pencil skirts  Folding flats 

Valentines Day eBay Bargains 

My favorite items for this week are heart print blouse and folding flats. I can see wearing myself this blouse with pencil skirt like this ones with front zipper or high-waisted jeans and adding oversized carding or leather jacket depending on the occasion. This can be an item that is easy to style when you want to add some interesting print to outfit.
Folding flats are amazing invention! Small enough to put in purse and change later in the evening. Oh, and they are in some cute colours!

And here comes everything Valentines day related. Heart print scarf, lip print sweater (it looks so fluffy and soft) and heartbeat necklace. I wish I could buy it all!


Did You enjoyed my eBay bargains? Wich one is Your favorite? You can check out my other eBay posts HERE!

xo, A

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