Blogging in Review | 2014

blogging 2014

Hello everyone in the 2015!
Time flies by so far and it is 2015 already. New year, new dreams, new hopes, new challenges, new ambitions. And the most important is to change and not wait fair them. So here is a little recap of my 2014 and my goals and ambitions for 2015

Sveiki 2015!
Ceru, ka jauki sagaidījāt Jauno Gadu. Ar jauna gada sākšanos ir labi atskatīties uz iepriekšējo gadu – kas paveikts un sasniegts, lai varētu sev izvirzīt jaunus mērķus.

Blogging 2014

Statistics & Numbers

Most amazing thing blogwise is that my blog has been viewed from 39 countries! I can’t describe how awesome is that, big thank You everyone who has visited my blog and everyone who comes back to read more 🙂

Pati apbrīnojamākā lietā – Anita’s Diaries ir skatītīts no 39 dažādām valstīm. Liels paldies katram, kas kaut reizi šeit ieklikšķināja.

blog statistics 2014


Favorite Posts

pr friendly blogger

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pr friendly blogger

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Blogging Goals for 2015

Improve my photgraphy and photo editing skils. | Uzlabot fotogrāfiju kvalitāti. 
Improve my writting skill. | Uzlabot savu rakstīšanas stilu.
Blog more frequently. | Rakstīt šeit beižāk.

What was your higlights if 2014? What are your blogging goals for 2015?


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