Ebay bargains #10

autumn ready fashion

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Don’t let colder months scare you! Autumn ready fashion – fluffy parka, knitted sweater paired with platform boots and geode ring. 

Neļauj aukstajiem gada mēnešiem Tevi iebiedēt! Esi gatava rudenim ar siltu parku, adītu džemperi, ko sakombinē ar platformas zābakiem un gredzenu ar akmeni. 

Autumn Ready Fashion | Gatava Rudenim

What makes me feel comfortable? Warm, soft and loose fit sweater, parka with faux fur and hoody, ripped boyfriend jeans. Paraid with black ankle boots it will give easy and at the same time edgy combo. Oh, by the I bought these black booties so this ebay bargain review will be soon on blog 😉

Om everyday basis I don’t like to wear much of jewelry and accesories. There is a trend going on recently with gemstone rings, necklaces etc. And I am liking this trend more and more! My pick is this gorgeous dark blue gemstone ring! It is so beautiful, I have to have it!

If you are reading my blog then you know about my big obsession with lip balms. I really would love to try eos lip balm.

In what kind of clothes do you feel the most comfortable? Do you like gemstone type jewelrry? Have you tried eos lip balm vanilla mint? Did You enjoyed my eBay bargains? Wich one is Your favorite? You can check out my othereBay posts HERE!


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