eBay Halloween Bargains

ebay halloween bargains

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Today I got some kind of Hallowwen vibe. Even though here in Latvia we don’t celabrate these holidays I am really willing to make party with costumes and dressing up this year. So I’ve picked some items from ebay for my home & myself. 

Mask collection on ebay is huge, almost endless possibilites. I realy like this one mask! It would look so good with black lipstick! I rarely use bold lipstick but for Halloween it would be right in time especially black one. My pick – NYX macaron in shade chambord. 

Skulls are one of the most common elements to decor your house. But I wanted something that will set the vibe for Halloween party and would be practical too. I really like skull container for liquar and skull glasses. In a way they look so cute! Halloween themed lanterns are the way to set the mood. 

I love the animated movie Nightmare Before Christmas very much. Of course, it has more Christmasy vibe but I think it suits for Halloween too. time to rewatch it! And I love Jack Skellington themed things so these cups and pocket watch are no exception! 

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xo, A

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