Ebay Bargains #3

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This week I somehow start to think about autumn even though August has just started recently. Maybe it is because in almost all stores new collections are coming in. That’s why I feel like summer is almost gone despit 30°C heat outside. Maybe that’s why this weeks ebay bargains is something between summer and autumn. 

Esmu nedaudz jau sākusi domāt, ko atnesīs jaunā rudens/ziemas sezona mūsu garderobēs. 


Geometric Fashion | Ģeometrija un Mode


A little bit of gold and geometry  in jewelry ,like that adorable arrow bracelet and ring set, is perfect for summer end. I have never been into gold jewelry but somehow I feel like that today. Peep toe booties will be perfect for summer ending and september warm days just like balck and white printed dress. Those sunglasses is so tasty looking! Just like chocolate.

Nedaudz no zelta un ģeometrijas aksesuāros kā, piemēram, rokassprādzē ar bultu un trīsstūru gredzenu komplektā. Zābaciņi ar atkailinātu purngalu ir ideāli piemēroti vasaras beidzamajām dienām un septembra sākumam. Saulesbrilles, man jāatdzīst, izskatās pat ļoti garšīgi. Kā šokolāde. 


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