Ebay Bargains #2

blue and nude combo

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Blue and Nude Combo | Zilo un Neitrālo Toņu Kombinācija

Finally summer has arrived and I am totally in sky and beach colors. I am really looking forward to go to the beach.

I love basic outfits with pop of color. Bright and sky blue accserories like this chunky necklace.  It looks so great with basic nude and beige color outfit. Casual summer look. Shoes is a real steel – costs only 24,98 $ and with free shipping! Also in lots of colors and sizes.

Man patīk pamattoņi un pamata apģērba gabali. Tos var viegli sakombinēt ar spilgtākiem akcentiem un krāsām. Tāpēc šīs nedēļas ebay atradumos dominē zilo un neitrālo toņu kombinācija. Vienkāršs un tajā pašā laikā elegants vasaras koptēls, kas ir arī ļoti vasarīgs un aktuāls!


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