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Spring Pastels | Pavasarīgie Pasteļu Toņi

Yes, it is finally feeling like spring! Sun is shining even though it is not the warm, birds are singing and it possible to see some flowers blooming. And I am wishing for something new and exciting, beautiful and light just like spring. So I spend lots of evenings in ebay and here are the results – ebay bargains what just look like spring. Light blue cherry blossom dress (much more prints and colors available!), vintage looking sunglasses with wooden frame, statement necklace with flowers in all the spring colors, simple and vintage bag, and shoes for those warm days. do those items remind You of spring spirit as much as me?

Beidzot ir sajūta kā pavasarī! Saule mūs beidzot sagaida, lai gan laikapstākļi vēl nav tie siltākie. Putnu dziesmas ir dzirdamas kā arī pirmā puķes jau zied. Parādās arī vēlme ieviest pavasari garderobē ar pasteļu toņiem. Tā nu ir sanācis pavadīt vakarus ebay plašumos un atrast šo to interesantu. 

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